What You Need To Know About Test And Tag Of Your Electrical Appliances

The more you use electrical appliances and devices in your home, the more they get strained. Frequent use can also lead to damage and also make them unsafe to use. Faulty electrical devices can pose high risks of electrical burns, electrocution or injuries resulting from a fire. Test and tag is a great way to ensure the integrity of your electrical devices is maintained. This ensures that your home is safe for everyone.

What is test and tag?

This is a process that involves checking all electrical appliances to enhance their safety. Test and tag is done through several functional tests and inspections. At the end of the process, all of the electrical items are labelled, and this is indicated in the report. During the inspection process, your technician checks for problems in wiring, safety switches that are not tripping, leaks of electrical currents or other forms of damages on equipment. Besides, they will also check polarity and insulation resistance.

Why is test and tag important?

The greatest benefit of test and tag is that it minimizes the risks of electrical injuries and accidents. This makes everyone in the house safe. In case an accident happens in your business, the risk of prosecution is less since you show that you had complied with all set safety standards.

Which items should be tested and tagged?

During the process, some of the items that should be tested and tagged include lead, power boards and non-hard appliances.

How frequent should test and tag be done?

Portable electrical tools, equipment and extension cords should be tested and tagged after every six to twelve months. This is dependent on the workplace environment. For those harsher environments, test and tag should be done more frequent compared to an office environment.

Why should you hire a technician?

To get a more comprehensive test and tag report, you need to hire a professional electrician – electricaltesting.com.au. With your limited knowledge on how the different electrical equipment should work or their safety standard, you need to depend on an electrician for help. They have the required knowledge and skills on what to check and the recommendations to make if they find that some of your appliances need to be repaired or replaced.

Testing and tagging pose some high risks if done by a person without the right knowledge on the precautions to take during the process. Therefore, it is good to leave the job to a professional electrician to do the job. If you undertake the process by yourself without taking the necessary precautions, there is a high risk of injuries or causing more damage to the appliances. This may cost you more, so it is better to pay the small fee to an electrician to complete the job on your behalf.

Depending on the number of electrical appliances you have at home, it may take you a very long time to complete the job by yourself. To save time and other stress it is worth leaving the test and tag job to an electrician.

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